"It may sound silly but the moment we shared a kiss at a shy age of just 14 I knew there was
something special about him. We didn’t go to school together however with the help of our amazing mums, they committed to sharing the 40-minute drive each weekend to ensure we had the chance to see each other once a week. As we always say, when you know, you just know right?

Corbin makes me laugh each and every day. No matter what the situation is, as cranky as I can be at him we always come out laughing at the end. I love how kind and patient he is, his commitment to not just myself but his friends, family and everything he does in life. I wouldn’t
be who I am today without him.

Marriage for us is being 100% committed to each other, as best friend’s and Soul mates.
What we have achieved together, but being excited that married we get to share the rest together also. Marriage is about hitting snooze on your alarm three times in a row so you not only get that extra bit of sleep in the middle of winter, but so you get to spend an extra second out of your day with the person you love".

- Bec

"My favourite detail from the day was the gift Corbin gave me the morning of the wedding. As I was handed this box, I had an overwhelming feeling gush through me. Before I had even taken a look at the letter, I was beside myself; to the point I asked my bridesmaids to leave the room. At that moment, it finally felt real that I was getting married. The most beautiful letter, a perfume to remind me of the smell from this day & a lingerie set for later"

- Bec

"People say that It is scientifically impossible to fall in love with someone within the first 5 minutes of meeting them. Well you must be a scientific phenomenon because I knew within the first 10 seconds that you were my soul mate and that I was going to marry you"  

- Corbin

"The whole day was amazing. I had a super relaxed morning with my Best Mates, Bacon and Egg Rolls and Beers and the lead up to the ceremony went really smoothly. However it’s hard to go past seeing Bec for the first time at the other end of the aisle and how absolutely stunning she was. It literally took my breath away"

- Corbin

"Here we are, starting as a 14 year old and 16 year old crazy in love, who have now grown with each other through many stages in life. Seven years pass, what an achievement. I am forever thankful for everything you have done, what you continue to do for me. You have shaped who I am and shown me life in its own way"

- Bec

"As our ceremony location was changed the day before due to weather we were lucky enough to have a break in the rain for the whole ceremony which was outdoors. As soon as we had walked back down the aisle after being officially married the heavens opened up and the rain started. I like to think that in the end this was fate and the photos we got are a testament to that"

- Bec

"Our proposal story was where we had our first date!  I was greeted by Corbin at the top of the stairs, He carried me all the way, blind folded - down multiple stairs!! At the end, rose petals & candles scattered. Spelling ‘Marry me?’ and the rest was history"

- Bec

"For a reception we didn’t want a lot, just a large grass area for a marquee!! Through conversation, my preschool teacher who is a great friend of myself and my mums, said ‘Why don’t you have it at my house?’ Jenny was also our caterer from Lemon Grass Catering, so it worked well for both! From here, everything just fell into place."

- Bec

"White Lane Studio's passion was out of this world! Due to unexpected weather changes, Sam & Ali didn’t let the rain come in their way. It honestly blew us both away how much passion and energy they brought on the day"

- Bec

My amazing dress! Where do I start? The first store I found was Savvy brides, in Double Bay – These girls from the moment I stepped through the door were angels. They greeted me, managed to squeeze me in straight away & within moments, I chose my dress. The first dress I tried on! 

M.J. Bale

Makeup Artist: Makeup by Candice – Candice Konemann 

My wedding band was from Zamels, whilst Corbin's band wedding band was from Fairfax & Roberts

Frankies Hair Van - My beautiful girlfriend Elly from ‘Frankie’s hair van’ put so much detail into our hair, coming from a bride up until the morning of that still didn’t know what she wanted. She also gave me the flexibility to organise the Van for our bar, making it a personalised experience. On top of this incredible experience, she had the boys over at her beach boutique the afternoon prior, to sharpen their hair up! 

The Botanical Workshop - She created the most amazing bouquets, flower crowns for the girls & all the flower décor around the reception.

A salted caramel cake made by Ever So Sweet

Lemon Grass Catering 

I would say my inspiration would be Hamptons & a fresh relaxed feel.